Comments by Students

“I was pleased to see at least six recipes with Brussels sprouts. Brussels sprouts have always been a challenge to prepare during Thanksgiving. Brussels sprouts have never tasted this good. The book also shows how to pair the food with other foods to create a buffet or banquet fit for royalty. ‘Vegetarians’ in your family, who don’t like vegetables, will be surprised and enjoy the many flavors and consistency of these preparations. Bravo!”


“South Indian food is so good! I had no problems duplicating the recipes at home. More and more research points to the advantage of a vegetarian diet, so these classes are topical. I learned a lot about different ingredients and spices.”


“Alamelu was phenomenal, a delight to be with. She described each step in the cooking process clearly. The program was excellent.”


“The choice in meals was good. Each dish is a complete meal. The food is very tasty, flavorful and healthy. The instructor’s knowledge of spices was great.”


“It was delicious, low-fat and easy to prepare. I love it.”


“On a scale of 1 to 10 . . . . . 20+!”


“Far exceeded…well beyond my expectations. (I’m a harsh critic) Your charisma is fantastic.”


“Marvelous-wonderful insights, sidebars – brought the dishes to life.”


“I enjoyed learning and tasting the food and Alamelu’s sparkly personality.”


“I’m glad that I learned about spices and how they help health-wise. The recipes were tasty and easy to prepare.”



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Great show. Best how to cook Indian I've seen. Recipes are spot on. Thank you - Nate


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